Why Won’t Flash Games Load?

Flash Games Load

If you’ve found your love of online games bolstered by sites like Armor, Kongregate, and Addictinggames then you know the frustration one can experience when Flash Games don’t load. There are multiple reasons this could be happening. Some of them are within your ability to fix; others will require patience while the app developer resolves them. Below we’re going to touch on a few reasons that your favorite Flash games may not be working.

Is The Game An MMO?
If you are, then there’s a possibility that the server has been taken offline for maintenance. This event typically happens once a night for general maintenance. Occasionally the game may be taken down for an update, so rest easy knowing that you’ll have exciting new content when it returns. Stop in and see what the MMO homepage has to say to get some clarity.

Are You Using A Pop-Up Blocker?
This issue can be common when visiting a new Flash Games site, especially if you have your pop-up blocker set up for high security. In some instances, the game will create a pop-up to launch the game in, and your ad-blocker can interfere. Turn it off for your favorite sites by altering its settings.

Has Your Browser Been Updated?
Some browsers, like Chrome, have been automatically disabling Flash in their newest releases and updates. If this has happened to you, you’ll need to turn on or install Flash before you can play. You’ll also want to be sure that the browser you’re using is Flash enabled.

Is Your Flash Player Up To Date?
This concern can be another sticky issue if you haven’t updated in a while. Many games require the newest edition of Flash Player. Head on over to Adobe and install the latest update to resolve this issue. Adobe always has the newest version of Flash available, and it’s just a few simple clicks to fix it.

These are just some of the reasons that you may find your favorite games not loading up in Flash. Always be sure to check if there have been any updates to either the game, your browser or Flash. You may find that solving hours of frustration happens with a few steps that take just minutes.