How to Play Flash Games Full Screen Chrome

Chrome Games

Okay so today we’re going to go over how to make you flash games full screen in google chrome. We’ll be talking about how to do it in other browsers as well, but we’ll focus on just google chrome. So how do you make your flash game full screen in google chrome? 

Google Chrome Full Screen

Well, if it is supported within the game and has a button, then you can click on the full screen button located usually at the bottom right of the game itself. This should take you to full screen. If there isn’t a full screen button on the bottom of the game, then don’t worry, you can still go full screen. If the button doesn’t appear, then right click, and choose “Properties” from the drop-down menu. Then select the shortcut tab and look for the word “Run.” Click the drop-down menu beside it and change it from normal to maximized. That will make sure that you’re in full screen. 

Firefox Full Screen

Any flash game you play on Firefox has the capability of becoming full screen. You can do so by using the flash game maximizer add-on. If you see a full screen icon at the bottom right hand corner, then don’t worry. All you have to do with Firefox is click on the game screen and hit the F11 button to send it to full screen view mode. 

Facebook Games

To get Facebook flash games full screen, there should also be a button in the bottom right that will allow you to turn it to full screen. However, if that button isn’t there then you can right-click on the game click properties from the drop-down menu and choose maximized from the run or screen menu. 

How to Fix the Chrome Issues With Full Screen

Google chrome can sometimes be unstable when it comes to loading games full screen. Simply because running the game at full screen glitches the game and slows it down. This is great for games that are running to fast, but terrible for slow running games. If it remains unstable, you can try to lower the resolution by right-clicking the game, then select the word quality from the drop-down menu, and select low quality. This will even up the instability and allow for a better game experience. If that doesn’t work, then you can try to resize the screen and zoom in or zoom out. To do this, just right click, select resize and hit either zoom in or zoom out to zoom it. This will also help speed up the game to allow for an all-around better gaming experience. 

More Tidbits

Whether you’re running full screen in google chrome, Firefox, safari, navigator, or Explorer, this should allow you to get your game in full screen. If you’re ever in need of a good flash game to play, try going to and try one of there many games to play. Facebook in a browser is also good.